Difference Makers

Red Clay Athletics

What makes us different?


RCA is developed to provide consistent high level development for each age group.


Age group structure

RCA strives to have multiple teams at each age level.  These teams will be broken down by talent levels.  Each age group will practice together to ensure a consistent coaching message.  These teams will have a core group of players but offer fluidity to enable athletes the ability to play up and push themselves against high level competition, play down to build confidence, build leadership skills, work on a specific position, etc.  Each team will play in tournaments selected based on the skill level of that particular team.  Our goal is for the athletes to develop their skills and play competitively.


Weekly workout plans

RCA believe that for athletes to develop they must also begin to train their mind and body.  We will post “homework” assignments each week for athletes.  Examples of these workouts include:

  • Alphabet exercise board
  • Research position specific drills or baseball concepts (example automatic doubles)
  • Read Mental Game VIP concept on page 161 (Slow the Game Down & Win This Pitch).  What are 5 takeaways you have…email to your coach.


Resources to information

RCA will consistently provide positive and reinforcing examples of concepts discussed during practice.  These items YouTube videos, meet and greets with sport celebrities (Gene Monihan, Alan Cockrell, etc), other coaching tips and suggestions, etc.


Honest Feedback

RCA believes in setting proper expectations for both athletes and their families.  These sessions should include player strengths, development opportunities, areas of extra effort needed, and potential lesson coaching encouragement.  Our goal is for all athletes to continue to excel but will be encourage with specific actions and expectations.

Further, RCA leadership will be present with all age groups to ensure consistency (inspect what you expect), meet with parent, and players.  In order to keep families and players happy we believe we need to value their input to continue to improve the organization.


Player, Parent and Coaching contract

RCA believe in the power of commitment and contracts.  Therefore each player, parent and coach will be required to sign the appropriate contract.  These contracts cover items such as treatment of umpires, ensuring players are ready for the game, responsible for behaviors, respecting other teams, etc.