RCA Vision and Mission Statement

Our Vision

It is our vision to create an organization dedicated to travel baseball and softball player development.  Our focus is to develop multiple teams to afford athletes the opportunity to play but also be challenged and strive for higher level competition. We will focus on ages 9-14U.

Mission Statement

RCA is dedicated to providing each athlete the opportunity to develop their talents, both mentally and physically, positioning them both for sports and for life.

We will accomplish this by executing on our core beliefs:

  • We believe that all athletes should have the opportunity to compete.
  • We Believe Success happens when preparation meets opportunity.
  • We believe in MTXE (Mental toughness and extra effort).
  • We believe in honest communication.
  • WE believe in positioning athletes to be successful.
  • We believe that mental strength is just as important as physical ability.

What’s in a Name?

Red clay is strongly correlated to North Carolina where we are founded.  This name was selected for several reasons.  Clay can be molded.  We believe this is exactly what a program should do to develop players by teaching and reinforcing good habits.  Red Clay is stable for construction purposes.  We strive for our organization to provide consistency and stability in all aspects as we work to build and “construct” player development.  Lastly, if you’ve ever tried, Red Clay is just hard to get out!  Exactly what we want from our players to be hard to get out.