CBC Marucci Blackhawks

Red Clay Athletics is excited to announce the partnership with CBC Marucci Blackhawks, a
Marucci Franchise Club, for our high school aged teams. The Marucci Franchise Club is home
to 21 elite travel ball teams from across the country. This partnership will expand CBC’s current
player and coaching network to the Carolinas creating an opportunity for players to participate
on a regional team competing against top organizations nationwide. CBC Founder and director,
Cary Daniel, has a proven track record of developing high school players into college and
professional athletes encompassing over 50 universities and multiple MLB teams.
In addition to this exciting partnership, Red Clay Athletics is committed to providing pathways for
all age groups to compete at the highest level of baseball while continuing to serve our
community through volunteerism. Red Clay Athletics has quickly made a mark in the greater
Charlotte area by providing a high quality baseball experience and the opportunity to maximize
reps while focusing on player development.

Red Clay Athletics differentiates itself by prioritizing the person, not just the player. Our slogan
“Bigger than Baseball” is at the forefront of everything we do including building mental
toughness, #237Club, #3-50Club, and leadership development, just to name a few.

The following links provide more information about CBC and the Marucci Franchise Club:
For more information about Red Clay Athletics, please visit www.redclayathletics.com or email